Where to Find Support to Deal with Your Hair Loss

Where to Find Support to Deal with Your Hair Loss

Women are often social creatures, or at least we like to talk about our issues with others. We want to hear from others who have gone through what we are going through. Hair loss is no different. Here are some places to find support for female hair loss.

Women’s Hair Loss Project

A woman who was experiencing hair loss issues from 21 years old started this
project to try to find out information, as well as get and provide support for women with hair-loss issues. You can join a group, read articles, and get a lot of support. Join their Facebook group too.

 Hair Loss Support Group

You can find out information about a lot of different support groups on this site, and hair loss support is one of them. If you’re a woman suffering from hair loss and want support, this is a good place to start.

 Alopecia World

This is a great place to get support, find wigs, and other help for women who are suffering hair loss due to alopecia (or any other reason too). You can find a lot of things to buy, join other members in discussion, watch videos and see photos.

Her Hair Loss Help

This is a great group that was created just for women who have hair loss issues. There is a lot of information, resources, and a forum to help you get support from real people who are also going through hair-loss issues.

 Hair Loss in Women

This is an organization that helps educate women and the public about hair loss in women. You can click on your cause of hair loss and look at various types of hairstyles that you can get if you have thinning hair.


Facebook Groups

You can find support on Facebook for almost anything. Just do a search in the search bar for “women’s hair loss community” and you’ll find several to choose from. The best way to use a group is to join a couple at a time to try them out to find out which group helps you most.


There are groups for literally everything on MeetUp and what’s great about it is that they’re local groups that you can become part of. This can help you a lot to get to know other women who have the same issues you do.

A Counselor or Psychologist

You can seek professional counseling to help you deal with the emotions associated with hair loss. Some people prefer dealing with these issues privately and to do that, seeking help from a counselor or psychologist can help tremendously.

Hair loss in females is often a hidden problem. Women tend not to tell people about it and instead choose to cover it up. But, getting support can help tremendously because it’s not something you should be shameful about or hide. It’s a real condition that affects more than 30 million Americans, and more than that worldwide. Don’t give up getting the help you need.


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