The Signs of Hair Loss in Women

 the Signs of Hair Loss in Women

The best way for women to fight hair loss is to notice it when it first starts happening so that you can identify the cause and treat the cause when possible. Let’s look at a few signs that your hair may be thinning for you to pay attention to.

 Your Part Is Getting Wider

If you part your hair, notice whether the part is getting wider or not. If you’re not sure, consider measuring it so that you can check it in a few months to see if there is an increase in the part size over time.

 You See More Scalp When You Pull Back Your Hair

Most women experience hair loss different from men, but you may be able to tell if your hair is getting thinner when you pull it back.

If you can’t get the style right like you used to and can see more of your scalp, you may be losing your hair.

 Your Hair Is Flatter Than Before

If you like to have a full hairstyle and you notice that you lack volume and your hair is looking a lot flatter than it used to even though you have the same style and use the same products, it could be that your hair is getting thinner.

 Your Hair Doesn’t Hold a Style Well

Are you finding it hard to get your hair to hold a style compared to in the past? It’s possible that you cannot carry that style anymore due to thinner hair. Consider getting a new style but also consider that your hair is thinner, so you may want to speak to your doctor about it.

 You See More Hair on Your Pillow in the Morning

Each morning, check your pillow when you get up. If you have noticeably more hair on your pillow compared to before, it’s possible your hair is falling out.

 Your Scalp Suffers Burns Easier

Do you notice that spending time outdoors causes pain and pinkness to your scalp more than it used to? Your hair normally protects your scalp. If it’s not protecting it like it used to then your hair may be thinning substantially.

Your Pony Tail Is Smaller

If you often wear a ponytail and you notice your band falling out or that you must put it on tighter than you did before (even if you buy new bands the same as you had before), your hair is likely thinner.

 You’re Clogging Your Drain More Than Normal

Is your tub drain getting clogged more than it used to? If so, you may be losing a lot of hair in the bath or shower compared to what you used to lose. This could be a sign that your hair is falling out.

You See More Hair in Your Brush – When you brush your hair, do you see a lot more hair coming out with each brush than before? Don’t stop brushing your hair – it’s good for your scalp, but do talk to your doctor about how much hair you’re losing so you can get a check-up to try to identify the reason.

If you see any of these signs, don’t panic. Your first stop should be your doctor to ask for a blood test to determine if you have an underlying health issue causing the problem. Your doctor will look at your medications as well to find out if you’re taking something that has hair loss as a side effect.


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