Photography, even on our cell phone, is not only focusing and clicking. There are subjects, classes and even specialties to turn images into art. I know it’s not your plan to live from photography, but some tricks can help you take impressive photos. Well, in the digital age there are bad photos taken everywhere and only the well-made ones stand out. I’ll leave you some mini tips so that your picture exceeds 100 likes / hearts.

Rule of three thirds

Imagine that your image has 2 vertical lines and 2 horizontal lines (look for an image in Google so that you understand better), you must make these lines real. For example, the division earth-sky that from there, that you stay in third of between, etc

Search photography plans

The professional shots are based on plans; such as detail, foreground, medium shot, whole shot, etc. Find which one favors you best. For example, in this photo it is an American shot (very used in films of the old west) that goes from knees to head.

Test with angles in mincing

This angle is taken from the bottom up. This angle will highlight you in the photos (those used in common selfies) is already worn and trite.

Or try a zenith angle

As we said, the selfies angles are discarded. The zenith angle is the one that goes from top to bottom without inclination; that is, it is taken at a 90 ° angle.

Theory of color

This theory is easy to learn “the yellowish and reddish tones are warm, the greenish and bluish tones are cold”. There are many applications for this theory, but the most practical is to highlight an element of warm color with a cold background and vice versa.

Theory of color

Play with the perspective

It’s not that difficult to play with her. For example, you can lie on the floor, recharge your legs on the wall, lift your feet in the air, raise your arms to heaven, etc. The trick here is to rotate the photograph at 90 ° or 180 °.

Take advantage of sunlight

Not all of us have money for studio lights, but do not worry, you can use the sunlight in the window of your house. Preferably when you are giving direct. Use the reliefs of your curtain or the blinds to create shadow effect.

Look for a white background in your house

Find a white wall, remove everything there is (furniture, stains, pictures) and use it as background for your photos. The white backgrounds highlight the colors and textures of the element you are going to photograph, in this case yourself.

A mirror for your selfie

There are many pictures of the selfie in the mirror, but here you must get someone else. Place a mirror on the floor, wall, ceiling, etc. Find the point where you and the camera look through the mirror and go.

The outgoing diagonals of the corners

In your photo there will be diagonal lines of the street, buildings, sidewalk, et cetera; what you should try is to emerge (or end, if you see it) in one of the corners. To be more explanatory, look at the network lines of this image, as well as the sidewalk line.


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